There is no doubt that the age old you ‘get what you pay for’ has some truth to it. When it comes to our office cleaning services in London and and being on of the elite office cleaning companies in London we understand what maintaining a reputation is all about. We offer eco cleaning as well and that is why every job we do is done with maintaining your reputation in mind keeping our standards as high as your own.


EMPLOYEE CARE pride themselves on their staff members (all of whom are contracted employees!). We fully understand that without our employees, we wouldn’t exist. Therefore, we invest a lot in our recruitment process and staff thereafter. Education and communication play a major role in our company, and this applies to staff at operative level. We have a great working relationship with a training provider, giving all of our staff the opportunity to obtain NVQ Qualifications in Cleaning and Health & Safety. We work with all of our staff, encouraging Personal Development, and often promote within before interviewing for senior positions. We also actively support our staff to ensure retention rates are as high as possible, and offer our staff appealing incentives to recognize and reward hard work. Whether you are a company looking for an inspiring cleaning company, or an experienced, enthusiastic cleaner looking for a career,



DistinctCleaning.Com are forever conscious about our precious environment. Always searching for new ways to reduce our footprint. Historically, cleaning companies were famous for their paper consumption. With high numbers of staff, holiday requests alone could bring down a forest! Not anymore. We have invested in a number of high-end online systems which are both user, and environmentally friendly. Our staff use our dedicated system, PeopleHR, for almost everything! PeopleHr allows staff to communicate, request holidays, access payslips, contracts etc. PeopleHR also plays a part in our staff retention strategy as it allows managers to praise employees on a timeline that all other employees can see, generating high team morale. Not to mention, saving us a whole load of paper! See how else we reduce paper consumption here. Green Cleaning Not only do we invest in the latest technology in terms of computer systems, but also in our cleaning equipment. Having invested in some of the world’s most innovative cleaning equipment, we manage to reduce water consumption etc. all adding to our reduced footprint.

Chemicals are one area that cleaning companies cannot get away from… or so you’d think? We are proud to be working with GreenWorld Innovations on their latest chemical free cleaning solution, Lotus Pro. We are actively encouraging clients to opt for the chemical free alternative to cleaning chemicals, where possible. Obviously, chemicals are an area that cleaning companies may never be able to get away from, but as part of our environmental and sustainability policies, we have carefully chosen our chemical provider, Clover, based on their green credentials.

We actively encourage, and support our clients when it comes to recycling. We believe this is the first step (of many) when trying to be conscious about our footprint. Not only do we ensure we recycle all of our own waste, we also offer some complimentary services to our clients! Check out the full extent to which we are becoming green here. Green Cleaning




Let’s just recap on a few of the reasons why we are quickly becoming London’s chosen cleaning company:
We track & monitor timekeeping and attendance via biometric (finger print) clocking machines. Ensuring the service level as agreed.
We are a two-director company with an absolute passion for providing our clients with an unexpected service. This generates our incredible feedback.
We invest in quality. Not only in our technology and equipment, but also in our staff. We understand those are the ones who really make a difference and therefore we commit to training and qualifications for them. We understand that communication is key!
We will never use a dirty cloth. After using a cloth, it is subject to the laundry basket. Although this is expensive, it is more environmentally friendly than disposing of cloths. It also ensures your premises is always clean!
We are devoted to our clients. Providing a partnership that is unrivalled amongst most client and contractor relationships.
We have standards. High standards. High standards that we maintain! We have a genuine care for the environment. See Green Cleaning


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