Spread Awareness of Office Cleanliness this World Environment Day
29 MAY
Office Cleaning Awarness in World Enviornment Day

Being responsible children of our mother Earth, it is our duty to keep the environment clean and green. On this World Environment Day, let us take an oath to keep our surroundings clean, be it work place school, or your home. A healthy office environment, itself indicates a clean and safe atmosphere inside the workplace. And it is next to impossible to do the cleaning chores all by yourself. Thus, make sure you choose one of the best cleaning companies in London to ensure a clean and healthy environment for you and your employees working in the office.

How you can reduce the carbon footprint in the office

Does your work involves traveling? Are you and your employees into lot of traveling with work? This can affect the carbon footprints in your office when you commute to work. Why not spread some awareness this World Environment Day?

Look out these simple yet effective ideas to increase awareness and minimise your organisation’s carbon footprint:

  • Plan a “work cycle” week promoted with prizes as incentives.
  • Start purchasing eco-friendly stationary adn recycled office supplies.
  • Use organic products such as fair trade coffee and tea.
  • Initiate a “switch it off” campaign for office equipment and lights.
  • Go digital in every way – say no to printouts.
  • Design an eco-friendly e-mail signature, some like “Kindly consider the environment as you print this e-mail”.
  • Start using low power and energy saving lights like LEDS, in place of high energy electric bulbs.
  • Make sure you use eco-friendly and natural cleaning products
  • Purchase only non-hazardous products for office use.
  • Keep a measure of your carbon footprint to know the areas of greater impact
  • Send individual emails to the team members to spread awareness of dedicated service towards reduction of carbon footprint at the workplace.
  • Motivate your office staff to bring scrap paper into use; provide them with individual scrap paper box for the purpose of internal notes.  

Other fun and eco-friendly things you can try out with your work team includes a n environment quiz, a large charity sports match, or a walk or marathon sponsored by you. You can gain public support for your event by promoting it on local media, press houses, etc.  
Other ways to make the day special and stay motivated

In case, you don’t get any creative ideas to celebrate this important day, you can look back at what other organisations in the lead have done in the past few years on World Environment Day. You can then create a fresh and unique idea by following their way of implementation. We all know how  climate change nd environment damage shows impact on our lives with its adverse effects. By taking an initiative of clean and green environment, you not only keep your office safe, but also spread public awareness through motivating events.  

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