Natural Products to Use for a Clean and Tidy Office
25 APR
Natural Office Cleaning Products

Whether you are looking for an eco-friendly office or some members are suffering from dust allergies due to chemical cleaning products, there are several reasons for choosing natural and homemade cleaning products. They are environment friendly and safe than commercial cleaning agents and a great option for a dirt-free workplace. These homemade natural ingredients are easy to prepare and use and they are inexpensive than commercial products. Read on to know about 3 natural cleaning products to make the office dirt less and hygienic.  

  1. Use scented cleaner for the surface – There are several commercial products that add the smell of lemon and make the surface look fresh and clean. However, the actual product contains strong cleaning properties when used with bicarbonate of soda. The alkali level of soda and acidity of lemon helps produce powerful cleaning known as ‘fizz’ that cuts the grease and grime. Combine 3 lemons juice with 3 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda to prepare the product on your own. Wait till fizzing subsides before you add wash liquid into the mixture. You may even add few drops of oil to add more fresh fragrance. Try to use multi-surface spray to clean the area.
  2. Easy screen cleaner – If your office is quite similar to home, you might think before using homemade products for cleaning the screens. There is nothing to worry as the screen cleaning mixture is safe and affordable for office cleaning London. It does not contain any harmful chemical that may damage the surface of your office.
    You can prepare your own screen cleaner by filling the spray bottle with white wine vinegar and distilled water in equal quantity. You can have a clean screen by giving a wipe, spirtz and voila.
  3. A unnatural cleaner for toilet – You may use au natural toilet cleaner that provides complete cleaning you need to keep your office bathroom tidy and dirt-free. You can make your own cleaner by taking 220 g of baking soda in a glass bowl and then add 25 drops of oil for fresh fragrance.  Take a spoon to mix the oil in the soda till it is spread in an even manner. Put 2 tablespoons of the mixture in the toilet bowl for a good scrub. After this, you may pour white wine vinegar of 4 tablespoons into the bowl for a powerful cleaning and fizzing effect.

Though it is not always easy to go green, natural products can protect the planet as well as your pocket even if it takes time for the preparation. If you do not have sufficient time but want a cleaner and greener office environment, try to choose special green cleaning products.

Distinct Cleaning has experienced professionals who focus in green cleaning and knows well which products can and cannot be used to maintain a healthy and workplace. This also ensures that the office space is clean and chemical-free with natural cleaning products. For contact our professionals, please visit our website.

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