A Guide to Choosing Suitable Office Cleaning Services in London
16 JAN
A Guide to Choose Suitable Office Cleaning Services

There is no doubt that these days staff expect to work in clean and maintained offices and there is also no doubt that they will work better if the areas that they work in are smart, hygienic environments where they are free to concentrate on their work and to worry about overflowing bins or dirty surfaces.  Many offices employ professional cleaning firms to come in after hours and clean the office premises to a high standard.   But if this is the first time that you have employed a professional office cleaning service, or maybe you’re looking to change your cleaning service how you do know who to choose?

Your Hiring Plan

  • Ask for quotes for the work. But don’t go with the cheapest, reputation may mean more
  • Ask to see testimonials and follow those up
  • Ask for details of what the schedule will be
  • Ask if the company uses green and environmentally friendly cleaning products, if this is important to you
  • Find out how easily they will be able to respond to any changes in requirements you might have.

At Distinct Cleaning we pride ourselves on the work that we do and on the excellent relationships we have with our clients many of whom have been with us since we offered our commercial office cleaning services in london. We take our environmental credentials seriously too.  We do use natural and green cleaning products and we do listen to what our clients tell us.  We are aware of the trust that is placed in us by our clients who expect that their premises will be clean and safe for their staff and visitors and will make a great impression on their clients too.

As proud as we are of what we do we know that the best impression we can make on day to day life is – none at all!  Our work should be something that is always evident in everyday life and something that people rely on and never feel it necessary to comment on.  In other words a consistent and clean environment that it is a pleasure to work in and that functions in the way it should.

We are as Good as our Word

You would be happy to see all the things that we can offer to you and your business.  We know that top of the list of what you need is reliability and quality and we will give you our word on both. 

So if you want more information on what Distinct Cleaning can do for you and your business then contact us through the website, by email or phone and we will be happy to set up a meeting.  We are confident that whatever it is you need for your commercial premises we will be able to deliver it and at a very competitive price too.

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