Guide to Cleaning and Sanitising from the Professional Cleaners
16 JAN
Guide to cleaning and sanitising by professional cleaners

One question that we are often asked as a professional cleaning company is - what is the difference between cleaning and sanitising?  The fact is that cleaning is not the same thing as sanitising and that means that when you find yourself choosing a cleaning company it is vital to make sure you choose one that knows the difference between the two.

It is no secret that even the most neat and tidy office desk can be a breeding ground for thousands of germs that come from our hands and the hands of others. As we move around our offices and work places those germs are spread to our computer keyboards, the mouse and the telephones and other pieces of equipment that we use.  As these germs spread and multiply they can end up being in the thousands of millions. Simply running a duster over these desk items might make them look clean and sparkly but dusting is not enough and will not do anything to kill the germs. 

Choose your best commercial office cleaning company

The best choice of a commercial cleaning company in London will be one that understands that the satisfaction and health of their customers relies on them killing as many germs that are found around our offices and work places as they can.  Properly sanitising a surface will make it 99.9% microbe and bacteria free and this is what we at Distinct Cleaning aim to deliver with every job we complete.  That means that when the flu season strikes you will have a better chance of keeping those germs from spreading like wild fire through your office and having half of your staff at home in bed, because every night the office will be sanitised and all surfaces will actually be sanitised and clean as well as looking clean.


We believe, that as well as making sure that all the offices and work places we service are sanitised, we should also work with eco friendly cleaning products to reduce our impact on the environment.  However, being kind to the environment certainly does not mean being kind to germs. All the products that we use will deliver the required sanitising for every premise that we service.

For business owners this means peace of mind that everything is being done to keep the premises their staff work in, is clean and safe and free of germs.  It will keep things clean and hygienic and will also make yours an inviting environment to visit and to work in.  Keeping your staff happy and healthy is something that we aim to do with every job that we undertake. 

So if you are having doubts over the effectiveness of your current cleaning service and find yourself thinking about a change,  contact your nearest cleaning company.

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