Tips to Make Your Window Cleaning Task Easier
15 MAY
Window Cleaning Tips

There is an old saying, “Eyes are the windows to an individual’s soul.” In the present-day circumstances, the windows at your workplace, provides the the right insights about your business and professionalism. Keeping the windows clean and sparkling is important for every business establishment. It helps making a positive impression about an existing business to its potential clients and employees.

Experts from a reputed window cleaning services, offers the following tips that will help you get away with window cleaning task with greater ease and success.  

  1. Take up the task on a cloudy day: As such, London experiences cloudy days on frequent basis. Make sure, you choose a cloudy day to clean the windows from outside or inside. This will give some advantage. When the sun is shining bright overhead, the water applied to the windows will dry fast, giving you the least time to squegee or sluice it in the proper way. Rather, the liquid droplets will form stains on the window surface, making them appear more unsightly.

    While cleaning the insides of the windows, use an ordinary cleansing spray and a piece of cloth. If you want to give a more impressive finish, use warm water added to soap. Many experts are known to wipe away grease and unruly stains resulting from sticky fingers with this solution.
  2. Apply dry squeeze: If you think, a piece of cloth or sponge is ideal for window cleaning, you are wrong. These items do not deliver the sparkling finish that you desire. Rather, use a squeegee for more effective results. Office cleaners city of London suggest the best way is to use a dry squeegee blade in between every fresh stroke for mind-blowing effect.
  3. Make sure the edges are dried: Your squeegeeing effort will never help get rid of the excess liquid from the window surface, however hard you may try. A quantity of water will remain as residue around the edges of the pane. To get rid of this residual liquid, use a piece of chamois leather cloth. Wipe away the panes with this item and make them completely free from smudge.
  4. Last but never the least, ask professional help: Cleaning the exterior surface of windows, installed on  second floor and above is not recommended for untrained non-profesionals. Working at this height is risky. Moreover, working at this level requires specialised skills and craftsmanship that amateurs usually do not possess. Thus, it is best to call in for professional help. There are many reliable and efficient window cleaning services in London that you can approach.

These service providers deliver high-quality service at a price that easily suits every pocket. For cleaning assignments in London and its surrounding areas, you may contact Distinct Cleaning. This agency efficiently delivers high-end, professional service for houses, office buildings, hotels, construction sites and many more. It provides comprehensive eco-friendly cleaning facility and delivers higher value for your money. Thanks to the dedicated effort of this agency, window cleaning has become much standardised in the recent times.


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