5 Essential Things to Keep in Mind for Home Cleaning
21 SEP
Home Cleaning

Ever thought how you can make your beautiful house a clean, tidy and safe place to live? Well, there are actually certain things you just cannot afford to miss when doing the household chores. Some of these include – dishes, floors, carpets and dirty laundry that are an important part of your daily routine life. Besides, oven, appliances and windows are other essential part of the weekly cleaning habit. However, there are still some areas that we often seem to overlook at the time of cleaning our abode. Let’s have a look at some such areas that should be cleaned too like other parts of your abode.

1) Window tracks – If window cleaning is a part of your daily routine, why not include window tracks too? Well, most people will clean the dust, dirt, fingerprints and smudges on the glasses that are easily seen by the cleaners. However, cleaning the window tracks are often overlooked and as such, dust gets accumulated overtime. In case you seem to forget it, the dust might get spread in your house. It is advised to clean window tracks with a vacuum cleaner before you even start cleaning the window glass. This way, you can avoid more dust to spread in the entire house.

2) Comb and hairbrush – Did you know your hairbrush can cause different types of bacteria and make the environment simply imperfect? These objects are used daily for combing and detangling the hair. Yet, they are the things we usually forget to clean. Thus, hair, dust, shampoo and conditioner get trapped in the hairbrush overtime. You should remove hair after combing every time in order to prevent allergies and rashes. Take lukewarm water and liquid soap to soak the brush for at least 10 minutes. Use a small brush to clean between the bristles. Rinse properly with clean water and dry it before using the comb again.

3) Bed pillows – The mattresses get hold of dust, dirt, hair, dead skin cells and it is important to clean them properly in order to maintain good health and hygiene. The same is applicable for the bed pillows. Despite how often you might have changed the pillow cases and bed linens, you still should include pillow in daily house cleaning. Nowadays, most pillows are easy to be machine-washed and should be laundered once in every 3 months.

4) Doorknobs and light switches – Each member of your house touches them regularly. Light switches, window handles and doorknobs are among those things we use all the time. And you just cannot deny the fact that every time you press them, your hands are not always clean. It is a good idea to wipe light switches and knobs with a clean cloth in order to keep the house germ free.

5) Shower curtains – You clean the bathroom floor, tiles and sink as humid environment provides the perfect condition for bacteria and germs to develop. However, we tend to forget that shower curtains are also subjected to moist conditions and they can be cleaned either by hand wash or in a washing machine. Take the curtains off once every month and clean it separately. The good thing about them is that they are made of synthetic fabrics and do not require much time to dry.

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